Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do your EGR Cleaning services affect warranty?

Answer: All manufacturer OEM manuals state to keep the EGR system clean, and that’s exactly what we do. We are the leading company in North America that has the knowledge and tools to do this in the most effective and patented way possible!

Question: How long does it take?

Answer: This depends on the unit and how soiled the EGR system is; sometimes we have to do a second cleaning cycle on our patented process. The average time for a Transport is 6-10 hours. While a Passenger pick-up truck is on average about 4 hours to clean.

Question: Will the Engine be running while performing an EGR cleaning service?

Answer: Absolutely not! Our patented EGR cleanings allow us to separate and encapsulate the whole EGE system, therefore allowing us to keep out contaminations. After our services are complete we then will do a test run with each unit to ensure our quality standards are met and exceeded. Plus we also like working while the engine isn’t hot, who doesn’t?

Question: Why Clean the EGR system when I can just delete it?

Answer: The laws in Ontario are changing and they are now including a tampering test to ensure that units are running within the laws governing the OEM emissions. It has now become a matter of time before individuals/fleets are caught, not if. And the fines are increasing. We at Fleet Emission Solutions are here to help take the headache away from underperforming EGR systems and help in returning them to their OEM specifications. This allows companies and individuals to have better performing units while preventing unnecessary downtime and/or repairs. An underperforming EGR system will directly affect engine performance in a negative way. Our customers in general see a return in profits from less downtime, and as a side effect, better fuel mileage now that the engine is able to perform better. We recommend our patented EGR cleaning services to all internal combustible engines with emission controls.

Feedback and questions are greatly appreciated; we look forward to hearing from you!