About Us

We are a company that has specifically developed our product around cleaning and restoring EGR and engine systems back to how they functioned from day 1. Our Patented ON truck EGR cleaning system has been developed by licensed 310T truck mechanics with multiple years in the trucking industry. We encompass the entire EGR system on the truck. Unlike other cleaning methods out there, your engine does NOT run during our cleaning process. We have found that process like this cause more damage to your engine long term compared to ours. We saw that there was a need for cleaning and restoring parts, NOT replacing them. We take great pride in our work and how we can keep your truck on the road. Increasing your profit margins per unit.

We have had great feed back from our customers. They are all very pleased with out services and how we have been able to provide them with alternative methods to keep there truck on the road. We are the most comprehensive and quickest at cleaning complete EGR systems!

Best of all. It is actually OEM recommended to have your EGR system cleaned! Right in the OEM service manuals!

Scott / Catherine